Funeral Flowers Etiquette

Funeral flowers etiquette in the UK is based on the understanding that: the more closely related you are to the deceased - the larger and the more personal the flower arrangement that you are expected to contribute. The immediate family usually select the coffin flowers also referred to as casket sprays. The coffin flowers are the largest funeral tribute.

The immediate family would usually choose the funeral flowers’ message for example, using flowers in arrangements of letters to spell out the relationship “granddad”, “dad, “mum”, “son”, “daughter”, as well as hearts, posy stands, cushions and pillows. This can also include religious tributes such as Traditional Cross, Star of David, Hindi Sign, Celtic Cross, Sikh Sign etc.

A more distant family member would usually select double or single ended sprays. This is the most popular choice for expressing sympathy and avoids any potential duplication of flower arraignments at the same funeral. A wide range of styles, colours and sizes are available. For example, if you are an acquaintance you could be arranging a tribute on behalf of a sports club of the diseased and so you could create a very personal arrangement in the shape of a golf bag, football, football shirt, tennis racket, rugby ball, cricket bat etc.

Flower delivery to and from venues

Funeral flower arrangements

Although it is a sombre event, the flowers are there to celebrate the life of an individual. Flowers are used on this occasion to express feelings and sentiments, which are difficult to put into words. Therefore, the funeral flower arrangements can be made in a shape that has meaning for the deceased individual. If the deceased had a favourite pet or a hobby, this could also be expressed in a floral funeral tribute.

For example, a child could have a teddy bear, butterfly or as with adults their favourite pet – for example a rabbit. Someone who was particularly fond of a certain car could be celebrated with flowers arranged in the shape and colour of his or her favourite vehicle.

Sympathy flower arrangements

Whilst funeral flowers tend to be sent to the crematorium, church or venue of burial, sympathy flowers can also be given as a gift to the family of the deceased. For example, a range of tributes such as container arrangements, garlands and flower baskets are an appropriate way to share your sympathy.

Marshall’s Florist is here to help you

Funeral flowers’ choice is not easy, especially in a time of distress; hence we are here to help with advice and ideas. Drawing on our experience of arranging funeral flowers since 1985, we can help you to decide on a respectful funeral message, funeral flower delivery and most appropriate flowers choice.

We deliver funeral flowers with care and respect. We always aim to make sure that they are delivered at the appropriate time and place, in peak condition to ensure your peace of mind for the finest final tribute.